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Creativity, Ingenuity, and Passion to be the “Best”- all qualities necessary to be successful. In 1977, Al and Laura Bost founded Universal Products with these traits in a small garage producing the very first product “pinstripes” for the automotive aftermarket. From very humble beginnings to being able to manufacture enough pinstripe to wrap the diameter of the earth – growth and success was achieved. 40 Years of success, achieved by providing a quality product, with excellent customer service at a fair and competitive price. No longer in a garage but in a 165,000 square foot manufacturing facility located in Goddard, KS (outside of Wichita).

Within these 40 Years, Universal Products has always pushed the graphic envelope by incorporating Creativity and Ingenuity in manufacturing processes and products. In the very early years, Al Bost , Universal Products, and Bob Chilton created and manufactured thermal tooling and thermal die-cut products. Products that would replace basic patch cut signage and painted signage with economies being realized in material and labor application costs. Since then, noteworthy advancements in Printing (Screen, Flexo, & Digital), Soft Sided Badging, 3D Rigid Badging, and now our Back-lit Badging have kept Universal Products a leader in the Graphic Image Industry. Our successes which are evident in Automotive, Signage, Recreational, Marine, Industrial, Agricultural, and Consumable Products have made Universal Products a “partner” to creating graphic/product images.


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