TFX® Cleaner
P/N 900
(20 oz. bottle w/ spray head) Also available - 4-pack 20 oz. bottles w/ 1 spray head P/N 904, 1 spray head P/N 906, and 20 oz. refill bottle P/N 921


TFX® Cleaner
P/N 905
(1 Gallon Refill)


Adheze Off
P/N 943
(32 oz. bottle w/ spray head)
An adhesive remover that eliminates residues from decals, tapes, labels, window tinting film, glues, tar, grease, oil, tree sap, bugs, and wax. Also removes sealants, surface discoloration, scuff marks, marker and pen ink, crayon, lipstick, and much more.


Position Perfect™
P/N 926
(20 oz. bottle w/ spray head) - Original Formula. A decal application fluid.
Also available in an Eco-Friendly formula P/N 927.


Position Perfect™
P/N 929
Original Formula (1 Gallon Refill)
Also available in an Eco-Friendly formula P/N 929


Application Squeegee
P/N 907
A standard 3" x 4" double bladed squeegee for even pressure distribution when applying vinyl. Also available - Squeegee Sleeves P/N 940 5-pack of low friction sleeve slips over squeegee to protect the film or markings from scratches.


Felt Squeegee
P/N 945
A felt squeegee for even pressure distribution and no scratches when applying vinyl. (3" x 4 1/4" x 1/2")


Lil' Chisler
P/N 944
Small, high-impact plastic chisel for removing vinyl.


Knife & Pick Holder
P/N 90001960
For weeding and cutting purposes, this all aluminum holder will hold picks up to 1/16" size as well as most standard blades. Blades not included.


Interchangable Blades
P/N 915
Made to fit standard blade holders. (100-pack)


Stainless Steel Cutter
P/N 909
A multi-purpose cutter combining quality and durability. Also available - 10-pack Blades P/N 910 (120 snap-off blades per box) or 50-pack Blades P/N 911 (600 snap-off blades per box)


Interchangable Picks
P/N 958
Made to fit standard blade holders. (12-pack)


Rivet Brush
P/N 916
A handy sign maker's tool for use when applying over rivets and other protrusions.


Sealitpen Vinyl Edge Sealer
P/N 957
An easy-to-use marker type applicator filled with One Shot Acrylic Clear Coat for all your edge sealing needs.